If you just want to send data to your printer, you can use the driver that came with it. But, if you want to get the quality out of the printer you were hoping for when you bought it, you need a real RIP. A RIP will quickly pay for itself in time and media savings.

Why do I need a RIP?
Most large format printers provide some sort of printer driver or rudimentary onboard RIP to convert image file data into a form that your printer can understand. However, most users need more than this in order to achieve anything close to optimal results from their printer. The advantages of a professional RIP fall into two categories: Color and Workflow.

Why Wasatch SoftRIP?
Wasatch SoftRIP optimizes the performance of virtually every large format device available today, in terms of color reproduction, throughput speeds, and workflow efficiency. Wasatch SoftRIP provides interactive previews, control of image size and cropping, color correction, and unmatched control of ICC profiles throughout the entire color workflow. SoftRIP also allows you to drive up to four printers simultaneously, so no matter how large or complex your production environment, SoftRIP has the workflow tools you need for complete control. In addition, Wasatch ImageNET™ allows you to transmit and manage graphic files across workstation platforms in any networked environment.

Wasatch SoftRIP is easy and intuitive New users can start printing immediately with fast setup and plug-and-play simplicity. Advanced features are easily accessed through master screens and are intuitive so you can learn and use them easily.

Wasatch SoftRIP helps you reach your color goals Whether you are looking to get bright colors that "pop" or create color simulations for offset printing, SoftRIP has the tools you need to achieve your color goals quickly and easily. Break even on your investment faster with Wasatch SoftRIP SoftRIP includes the tools you need to save time and eliminate waste. Plus, SoftRIP is a premium RIP without a premium price. Spend less out of pocket, save more in consumables, and see the benefits of SoftRIP in your bottom line.

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