Difference between Fogra 39 & 27

The different FOGRA datasets (27 and 39) are actually nothing to do with running a press. They are different for proofing and front end design systems. The Target Lab values for ISO 12647-2 have been set for quite a while now. What Fogra did with the FOGRA39 dataset was 'massage' the numbers so the values in the dataset were exactly the same as the ISO 12647-2 Paper Type 1/2 White Backing standard. The problem with the FOGRA27 dataset was that it was just normal press runs, so just like you not getting a ∆E of 0, they couldn't either. This is why the FOGRA27 dataset should really be retired. It has been superseded wholly by FOGRA39. And whether a proof was done to FOGRA27 or FOGRA39 you would still run the press in exactly the same way because they both describe the same ISO press standard. Lee Badham Bodoni Systems Ltd

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