Indonesia Apparel Production Expo 2015

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Clothing is one of the basic human needs that are needed to protect and close itself. Along with the development of human life, clothing is also used as a symbol of status, position, or the position of a person who wears it. Clothes are also used as protective equipment / improve security wearer.

As one of the basic needs, fulfilling the need for clothing is essential. With the World's population in 2010 has reached 7.25 billion which makes the absorption will be very large pakian products. This is an opportunity and challenge clothing production industry to respond to the market.

Indonesia has a population of over 250 million people and is the country with the largest population - 4th in the world. At present, the chances of apparel production industry in Indonesia is very large, continue to grow and develop.

Indonesia Apparel Production Expo is an exhibition of clothing business and production technology that delivers business chain components and support equipment ranging from upstream to downstream, from the materials, the means of production to the product brand so it is very important to follow and visit.

Start from 21 May 2015 until 24 May 2015, only at Grand City Surabaya. Come and join our booth!

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