508 SpectroDensitometer (Discontinue)

Download: L7-170_508_en.pdf

Our basic 508 densitometer is great for prepress and the press room - it accurately measures density, dot area and dot gain in a single instrument.

Product Features:

  • Keep proofing and press runs consistent by impartially evaluating print quality
  • Critical density and dot area evaluation of ink levels and ink-water balance on press
  • Document density data to quantify press approvals and ensure multi-part jobs or customer reprints are up to color
  • Set references for dot gain and density to ensure customer and internal color requirements are met
  • Only X-Rite lets you select a measurement aperture - microspot 1.6 x 3.2mm, small 2.0mm, medium 3.4mm or large 6.0mm
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