IntelliTrax Auto Scanning System

Industry-leading color measurement for sheet-fed commercial and folding carton printers

IntelliTrax is X-Rite’s advanced, automated color management scanning for press-side color control. Ultra-fast, IntelliTrax automatically scans the color bar of a typical press sheet in less than 15 seconds with the ability to measure special colors, PANTONE® Colors, non-process colors, and paper color. IntelliTrax instantly reports these results on-screen, so press operators can quickly make adjustments and get to approved color faster. IntelliTrax is the ideal color management solution for high-end, high speed printing operations.

IntelliTrax now has functionality to assist you in printing to GRACoL G7 or ISO Standards:

  • G7 Proof-to-Press Support
  • ISO Targets
  • Trend Reporting
  • BestMatch™ See the link to the right to learn more!


IntelliTrax provides:

  • Faster makeready
  • Improved quality control
  • Extensive results reporting
  • Faster ROI-intelligent features

CIP4 compatible
IntelliTrax supports the use of the industry’s CIP4 and JDF data standards, enabling faster set-up and accurate job information such as ink rotation, color specification, job identification, and paper stock.

IntelliTrax D
Automated tracking densitometer 
IntelliTrax D is an entry-level solution for four-color process printing. IntelliTrax D provides all basic process color control tools, assuring correlation to existing densitometetric systems but adding the benefit of speed and simplicity.

The solution for 4+ color printing 
IntelliTrax (standard version) is an advanced, automated color management solution for presses printing four or more colors. With the ability to measure special colors, PANTONE® Colors, non-process colors, and paper color. It’s ideal for high-end, high-speed printing operations.

IntelliTrax ICC
Generate ICC profiles on-press 
IntelliTrax ICC is a self-contained pressroom profiling solution, which also provides a link/bridge between the pressroom and the prepress department, enabling better proof-to-press matching.

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