Anajet mPower

The AnaJet
mPower i-series

The AnaJet mPower i-series is the fastest single-platen direct to garment printer on the market, producing the highest quality images on many types of garments.

Control Panel 

AnaJet’s proprietary AnaRIP software allows you to have complete control, and the mPower i-series gives you plug and print capabilities.

Fast Print time 

The mPower i-series can print a light shirt in as little as 16 seconds and a dark shirt in less than a minute. It’s the fastest single-platen garment printer on the market. 

Textile Inks

Specially formulated PowerBright inks print vibrant colors with a soft hand. White ink allows for printing on dark shirts while maintaining the printer’s speed.



Easy and automated maintenance programs make the mPower i-series an easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain industrial garment printer.

Stainless Steel Print Heads 

AnaJet has partnered with Ricoh, provider of high-quality durable stainless-steel print heads that make up the heart of our mPower i-series.

100 Billion. Ricoh tested print heads.

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